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Java application of a circle



Write a Java application to calculate the circumference and the area of a circle. Your application must have two classes. The Circle class will have two methods: the circumference method and the area method. Each method will take a double input parameter as the value of the radius, perform its calculation, and return a double result.

The CircleTest class will have a main method that uses a JOptionPane to get the value of the radius from the user. The main method will create an object of the Circle class and test its methods. The main method will also use a JOptionPane for output. Use Math.PI and the Math.pow method in your calculations.

Limit your output to three digits after the decimal point by using the String.format method. Add exception handling to your program so that, if the user inputs something other than a string of digits, your program catches the exception and gives the user another chance to input the value of the radius.

For this paper imagine that the higher management

For this paper imagine that the higher management of your plant has just been informed that the plant will close and about half of the employees will be moved to a different location across the country. There are about 1000 employees. Some will be offered early retirements, some will be offered a move (if there is a job for them available at the new location) and others will be laid off. Write a paper about the expected organizational changes that will most likely occur. Go through the steps of this company as they prepare their people for this planned moved. Consider the period of two years for this complete shutdown to occur. Use a time line for what and how you would proceed. You are writing as top management but remember that you must include appropriate guidelines for your middle managers since they are the ones that will be addressing the employees on a daily basis.

Within your paper answer all the following questions:

– Briefly summarize 3 key events of organizational change you expect during the transition.

– How should the leaders handle the situations (key events), based on your knowledge of leading change? You should use concepts and terminology found in the text or other reading from the course.

– How did the environment affect how the leaders managed change? This question is designed to help you understand how high stress, high demand situations may require different techniques than a “slower” and less stressful environment.

– Which group of employees resisted change the most? How were they best handled?

The paper should be in APA format and approximately 3-5 (not including title and reference pages) pages in the main body of the paper. At least two additional resources beyond course text. Your references must have an author associated with them. Do not use information from the internet unless there is an author. Use scholarly articles.

In this week we examined the importance of communication systems

Assignment 2: Paper—Communications

In this week we examined the importance of communication systems (both informal and formal) to effective leadership and the role of organizational culture. Compose a 2- to 3-page, APA-formatted paper addressing the following:

Select a manager and assess his or her communication strengths based on assigned reading concepts/theory. Research can also be supplemented from (but not solely based on) other information from academically credible resources.

Assess that same manager’s communication weaknesses using the assigned reading concepts/theory. Research can also be supplemented from (but not solely based on) other information from academically credible resources.

Defend 2–3 recommendations for management performance improvement in communications based on sound, academically credible concepts and theories from assigned reading and academically credible research.

Assess the organizational culture in which this manager works, including how the culture might be impacting employee performance in the manager’s area. 

Include an APA-formatted reference list and a title page (these do not count toward the minimum page requirements)

A+ Work

Your company is planning the next 5 months of production and you are to develop the high level (aggregate) plan.
The costs are given in the table below.
The marketing department prefers to never allow backorders if possible.
The company’s level strategy keeps your workforce fully utilized while first allowing overtime production

(up to 100 crates per period) and then using your subcontractor (up to 35 crates per period).

Note that one additional employee was added in period 3 to increase regular production.
The forecast is given below.
Warehouse B reports that you have 42 crates to begin with.
Forecast (crates)
Capacity on regular shift